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- Dan Gable

Wartape Promotional Giveaway Social Media Contest

war tape athletic tape

Keep Your Hands Healthy!

Wartape Social Media Contest Giveaway

Hey guys, let’s make this concise.  Because, as beautiful as my words are, you are here for one thing and one thing only: to get your hands on some great athletic tape for your bjj fingers.  I have teamed up with Wartape to create a social media contest to create some buzz in the bjj community for one of their products before the launch of their new beautiful website.  Specifically speaking, we want to create some buzz about their half inch tape product.

The tape is GREAT for your fingers.  My instructor uses it every day twice a day and he says it’s the only thing keeping his hands healthy.  Lots of years of spider guard can wreck havoc  on those finger joints!

However, rather than selling you on why this product is great.  We want to get the tape in and around your fingers so you can be the judge.

We will be giving away twenty-four rolls to twelve lucky winners.  You may enter more than once, AND you can enter on more than one social network (if you’d like).

You can enter via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

Check out the details below and make sure to read the entire post…

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Liars Producing Fake Hemp Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis

Hemp BJJ gis 101: Hemp basics.

Chris Odell owner of Datsusara goes over some basics of hemp to try to educate consumers about the industry and the textile itself.

What is Hemp?

It is an industrial version of cannibus that has less than one percent THC (the active chemical compound that is responsible for the hallucinogenic side effects  of smoking marijuana).  However, some countries are diluting the textile definition of hemp such as Pakistan where they have something they call a “hemp weave” which is actually 80% cotton and only 20% polyester.  They might not be intentionally diluting the term, but, regardless, it adds to the confusion of what hemp textiles really are.

Functional Benefits of a Hemp Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are environmentally friendly.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are stronger than cotton (between 2 – 8x stronger).
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are breathable.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis naturally wicks moisture away.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis keep you cooler compared to cotton gis.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are naturally anti-bacterial (goodbye: ring worm, staph, & mold)
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis generally keep a fresher smell throughout its life cycle. (Click here if you have smelly gi)Continue Reading
competition anxiety

Almost everyone I know has experienced competition anxiety in one form or another.

Dealing with Competition Anxiety

For myself, most of my training partners, and most people I’ve encountered online, the competition jitters is a phenomena that can greatly impact performance.  In fact, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret that few people know.  I competed for the first time ever as a fresh blue belt.  I was so nervous before my first match that I could not breathe well, my heart rate was through the roof, and I went to great lengths to avoid talking to people.  All of this was happening even HOURS before my first match.


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Metamoris 3 Fight Card Announced, Rener Gracie Replaced by New Commentators

Ever since their first fight in Abu Dhabi a lot of people have been waiting for Royler Gracie to fight Eddie Bravo once again.

Ever since their first fight in Abu Dhabi a lot of people have been waiting for Royler Gracie to fight Eddie Bravo once again.

The Metamoris 3 Fight Card Has Officially Been Announced


I have been anxiously waiting for Metamoris 3 to come around, and I am happy it was made possible.  This morning the Metamoris 3 fight card was officially announced and made public.  This is my favorite bjj event of the year!

Metamoris 3 Fight Card:

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Wild Blueberry Smoothie Recipe with Green Tea for Pre Training Meal

This is a good smoothie for fat loss as well as to have before a training session.

Another shake recipe here that does not need any whey protein powder.  You get all your protein from the greek yogurt and the hemp seeds.  I’m kind of liking these.  And, I enjoy the fact that I’m not having a diary byproduct.  Not that I am anti-whey.  But, I’m definitely pro-greek yogurt due to the digestive enzymes it has.

If you thought blueberries were a great food to nourish yourself with due to their high antioxidant properties, you were right.  But, wild blueberries are even better than cultivated blueberries.  I am not surprised.  Mother nature always provides what is best for us, and we always find a way to mess with it thinking we know better.  We don’t.

A twist in this recipe is the green tea.  I took a risk and it worked out.  It was pretty delicious and this is why I’m sharing it.  No recipes here without my stamp of approval.  The green tea coupled with the high fiber and high fat content of this smoothie make for a good release of caffeine into your system.  So, if you are sensitive to caffeine you will not feel any type of jittery feelings.

Then again, I don’t know anyone that is sensitive to caffeine any more.

Let’s waste no more time, here is the blueberry smoothie weight loss recipe:

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