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Hemp BJJ Shirts to Save the Planet

submission fc review


Martial Arts, like any other art, is at its root a platform to express ourselves.  You may or may not agree, but the manner in which you dress  yourself is also an expression.  You express and communicate that you want people to know something about you, or that you don’t want people to know things about you.  I say, even if you dress very plainly, you are still expressing yourself.

The majority of my training partners, in one form or fashion, outwardly express their love for jiu-jitsu.  I see social media posts, car decals, and clothing that express their love for jiu-jitsu in a manner that speaks to them.

This post is in regards to my first review of bjj gear that doesn’t necessarily facilitate training.  I was sent two bjj shirts last fall by Submission FC for review.  This review is more than over due.  In fact, being brutally honest, I should have completed this a while ago.  My apologies Shakib!  I spread myself too thin too often.  Anyway…

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Over/Under with Verbal Tap Podcast & UFC 183 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.17.56 PM

UFC 183 Full Card Predictions

Holy crap, I can’t believe I have not written anything since the last time I was on the podcast with these guys.  I have a good excuse though.  I have been training a lot more in preparation for the IBJJF SF Open.  I can’t wait to get out there again since it’s an event a lot of us from the academy compete in every year.

Anyway, the guys from Verbal Tap have me out again to battle it out with Kevin for fight predictions.  Not to toot my own horn, but I decimated Kevin (obviously).  I can’t wait to see him make good on our bet.  Beeyotch.

Check It Out:

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Special Guest on Verbal Tap Podcast

verbal tap podcast

Verbal Tap Podcast Presents: Metamoris 5

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know, But Now Do…

I was a guest on the Verbal Tap Podcast recently and I wanted to let you guys know about it. I was presented with breaking down the Vinny Mahalhaes match from the news that Kevin Casey pulled out, to the search for the next BJJ talent to challenge Vinny, and, eventually, to the fight itself.

The Verbal Tap guys are my favorite people to follow on MMA/BJJ commentary.  They keep it really real.  As in, when keeping it real goes wrong.  But, in a funny way.  And, in a not wrong way at all.  So, we’re left with funny.  Anyway…

The Other, More Interesting, Guests:

  • Kit Dale
  • Jim Lawson
  • Travis Newaza
  • JT Torres
  • Rob Acree

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Black Friday Guide for Grapplers

bjj black friday sales 2014

Beautiful artwork by the genius Meerkatsu.


No time for B.S.  we have sports to watch.  And food to eat.  And desert to eat.  And family to annoy.  And food to eat.

Black Friday Deals for BJJ, Grappling, & Judo

  • Adidas – Code “SALE40″ – 40% off w code 11/28-12/1
  • Atama – Code “BLACKFRIDAY” – 15% all gis through 12/1
  • BJJHQ – 93 Brand Hooks 2.0 Gi for $65 starting Thursday night at 11PM Eastern until sold out.
  • BJJSports – Code “SUPER15″ – 15% off w code
  • BJJ Warehouse – Code “KIMONO” – 20% off gis through 11/23
  • Break Point FC – Code “BPBLACK” – 30% off from 11/27-12/1
  • BudoVideos – Code “turkey” – 20% off shirts 11/26-11/27…Code “JIUJITSU10″ for 10% off at checkout
  • Digitsu – Code “SAVEROOM4DESSERT” – 25% off w code
  • DoOrDie – Up to 60% off all gear 11/21-11/31
  • CagesideMMA – Sale on select shirts/gloves/shorts through 12/2
  • CombatCorner – 40% off everything starting 11/28
  • Enzo – Code “BLKFRI14″ – 40% off 11/28-11/30
  • Fenom – All womens gis are $75 on 11/28 from 6AM-6PM
  • FightersMarket – Code “GIS” – 20% off all gis thru 11/23
  • Fuji – 30% off retail orders; 10% off wholesale orders through 12/1
  • Gameness – Deep discounts on several products, no code.
  • Grapplearts – Code “BLACKBELT” – 33% off with code
  • GroundFighter – Code “BLACK” – 50% off with code (this includes the new Ryan Hall dvds)
  • Kingz Kimonos – Code “FRIDAY14″ – 20% off all products storewide.
  • Koral – “Code “KBLACK” – 20% off w code through 12/1
  • Lanky – Code “BF2014″ – 40% off w code
  • Meerkatsu – Code “HEAVENLY” – 20% off w code 11/28-12/1
  • MMA Warehouse – 15-65% off items
  • MoyaBrand – Code “MBLIFESTYLEGOODS” – 15% off w code thru 12/1
  • NewazaApparel – 40% off shirts 11/27-12/1
  • Prana – Sale on these listed items 11/28-11/30
  • RollSupreme – Code “BLACK” – 15% off
  • Roy Dean – Code “BLKFRI2014″ – 50% off w code
  • Storm – 2 for 1 gi deals
  • thejiujiteiro – Sale on these listed items 11/28-11/30
  • VHTS – Code “BLKVHTS” – 15% off for items over $100
  • Vulkan – Coupon Code “EBF14″ (valid thru 11/25) – Free T-shirt + Vulkan bag w/each gi purchase
  • War Tribe Gear – Up to 60% off select items 11/25 – 11/30
  • Zuri – Code “BF2014″ – $30 off

If you hear of any more black friday discounts, holla atcha boi.

Progress BJJ NoGi Rashguard Review

progress jj logo


The M6 Progress Rashguard – Simply Sharp

I am very excited to present you guys with my current favorite rashguard in my nogi collection.  It speaks to my growing interest in minimalism, and it is of very good quality.  I haven’t come across many other rashguards that focus on minimal design and great quality.  Usually, it’s going to be a very elaborate design with great quality, or a simple rashguard that isn’t meant for bjj.  Elaborate rashguards are cool, don’t get me wrong.  I like those too.  But sometimes, the loudest statement you can make is the one that you imply.  A new brand seems to have made some… progress in bjj gear design that is both practical and no-nonsense.

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PeelGi: The Demon Gate – Rash Guard & Fight Shorts Review

Demon Gate Rashguard

PeelGi’s Demon Gate Rashguard & Fight Shorts Review

When I received the opportunity to review the Demon Gate rash guard & shorts, I was pretty super stoked, bro.  PeelGi is a new company comprised of two French dudes who value aesthetic design.  Moreover, they like to be innovative in regards to how to use design and where to use it.  This is the first group I have seen really start to venture into other parts of bjj gear design.  For example, they have some very unique belt designs for you to swag yourself out on.  I like seeing creatives take risks with products.  It appears that the belts have been very popular as they have sold out each time.  I’d like one myself.


Peel Gi is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling/MMA & Lifestyle brand from Paris. 
It was created in 2013 by Alexis Hadefi and Julien Rahami. 
Both fighters, kinda picky and unhappy about what we have to wear for our martial art, we decided to create our own brand. 



The demon gate concept is derived from the series “oni-ni-kanabo” which means “oni with an iron club” a japanese metaphor.  The oni is, more or less, a demon that is depicted in traditional Japanese folklore.  The metaphor of an oni with an iron club refers to a being that is strong beyond strong.  At the risk of butchering the folklore, I will not risk offending my Japanese mat brethren by trying to explain the story.  But, if you are curious, wikipedia has some information.  The PeelGi Demon Gate NoGi ensemble is an expression of this fable under the lens of the modern grappler.

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