Liars Producing Fake Hemp Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis

Hemp BJJ gis 101: Hemp basics.

Chris Odell owner of Datsusara goes over some basics of hemp to try to educate consumers about the industry and the textile itself.

What is Hemp?

It is an industrial version of cannibus that has less than one percent THC (the active chemical compound that is responsible for the hallucinogenic side effects  of smoking marijuana).  However, some countries are diluting the textile definition of hemp such as Pakistan where they have something they call a “hemp weave” which is actually 80% cotton and only 20% polyester.  They might not be intentionally diluting the term, but, regardless, it adds to the confusion of what hemp textiles really are.

Functional Benefits of a Hemp Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are environmentally friendly.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are stronger than cotton (between 2 – 8x stronger).
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are breathable.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis naturally wicks moisture away.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis keep you cooler compared to cotton gis.
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis are naturally anti-bacterial (goodbye: ring worm, staph, & mold)
  • Hemp jiu-jitsu gis generally keep a fresher smell throughout its life cycle. (Click here if you have smelly gi)

Who are legitimate Hemp BJJ Gi Manufacturers

  1. Scotty from OTM fight shop.  Scotty has been producing great gis for a long time.  He also carries a line of hemp gis in addition to the other gis he sells.  Scotty has been a reputable businessman in the bjj world, and is recommended.
  2. Jonathan from Flow Kimonos.  I don’t have any personal interactions with Jonathan, but he is recommended by the owner of Datsusara.  That’s as a good a recommendation as I need in order to have trust in a guy.  I looked over their website, and they have some nice jiu-jitsu gear.  Don’t be afraid to check them out.
  3. Chris Odell from Datsusara also produces high quality hemp bjj gis.  I absolutely love their products, customer service, and general business philosophy.  I can’t recommend this company enough.  It is one great example of what honest business should look like all over the world.

Hemp BJJ gis 101: How to spot a fake


Chris uses a very simple burn test to prove that his gis are, in fact, using natural organic textiles.  He then goes on to try the same test on a gi from manufacturer Submission Fight Co.  The test not only proves that their gis are not made out of hemp, but not even made out of organic textiles!

Submission FC goes on to make a lot of claims on their website about their hemp jiu-jitsu gis that are flat out lies.

It is despicable.

If are looking for the real deal, I suggest Datsusara.  Not only does Chris produce the best hemp bjj gi (my subjective opinion, I admit), but his customer service is unparalleled.  You combine that with his uncompromising perspective on business ethics, and you have someone who is a pleasure doing business with.  I like supporting good people doing good business.

Datsusara Hemp BJJ Gi Review


Michael Richeson does the best gi reviews, I have ever seen bar none.  Here he delivers an outstanding unbiased review of their gi offering.

That’s all folks.

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  1. says

    Chris is an awesome guy and believes strongly in treating his customers with respect. If you’re in the market for a hemp product, Datsusara is the best, hands down.

  2. Jennifer says

    Do 100% hemp gis take longer to dry? I ask because I have a hemp towel that takes FOREVER to dry (in the dryer). Granted my hemp towel sucks the water out of hair making it dry quicker. Not that this would matter for those getting a hemp Gi as a second or third (etc) Gi who have the time to wait for a Gi to dry.

  3. says

    People who sell fake products in a sport like BJJ disgust me. I have a friend who spent a lot of money of a fake name brand gi and it started to rip after a week. (It wans’t hemp though) One thing I found interesting here is the odour fighting effects of Hemp since my Gi’s smell shocking even after washing after continuously sweating in them for ages. Maybe I’ll give a hemp gi a try next time.

    • says

      It is truly disgusting indeed. I suggest Datsusara but there are other options too. I also have a GI washing guide you may be interested in to help get the funk out of the gis.

    • says

      Hi Andrea, sorry I missed your comment here. I, personally, haven’t trained with Chris but I have seen his competition footage. He does train BJJ and, judging by the way he does business, he is not just in it for the money. In fact, sometimes he makes decisions that might hurt his ability to make more money. For example, he refuses to advertise. Hope that clears it up for you.

  4. Christopher says

    I can only speak for myself here, but Submission FC took care of me very well when I emailed them about the hemp issue. They had good intentions and made an honest mistake. I will continue to support them.

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