IBJJF Rankings – A step in the RIGHT direction

IBJJF Rankings Officially Updated by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.  *UPDATE* 3-17-14

There have been other organizations/websites that have done this.  However, they are not “certified” by the IBJJF.  That can be both a good and bad thing.  The IBJJF Rankings posted today are comprehensive and cumulative since January 2010.  They have promised to update the IBJJF Rankings after each Gi championship.

The IBJJF Rankings will be used “as a parameter for the making of brackets” for tournaments.  Which is a nice thing to know.  Although some people would prefer completely randomly assigned brackets, at least there is a definitive manner in forming the brackets and biases will, in theory, be less affecting.

Here are the top 10 males in the black belt IBJJF Rankings:

    1. Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida
    2. Bernardo Faria Caio Terra
    3. Rodolfo Vieira Leandro “Lo” Nascimento
    4. Leonardo Nogueira Bernardo Faria
    5. Caio Terra Alexander Trans
    6. Otavio de Souza Andre Galvao
    7. Vitor Oliveira Otavio Souza
    8. Leandro “Lo” Nascimento Rafael Mendes
    9. Romulo Barral Michael Langhi
    10. Rafael Mendes Leonardo Nogueira

Do you believe the IBJJF Rankings’ quantitative results accurately describes each athletes ability?  (Let me hear it in the comments!)

I love that the IBJJF is taking this step forward.  I hope they keep their promise to maintain the IBJJF Rankings and update them after each gi championship.  It is absolutely helpful for them to produce this type of work.  However, you can’t make everyone happy and no system is perfect.  Here are some improvements I hope they consider:

    • Keep track of the masters bjj black belt division points and also display them separately in the IBJJF Rankings.
    • Consider putting a year to year ranking as well as the one they have now (I think it’s great that they choose to add two years of data).
    • At the very least, consider also adding brown belt IBJJF Rankings.

There is much more they can do to improve this initial effort, but if they are willing to consider those three I would be happy.

Also, this is how the IBJJF Rankings were determined.  The complete list of the top 100 bjj black belts.  And, the complete list of top 50 bjj female black belts.

So, what do you think about the official IBJJF Rankings finally being put out to the public?

A new unaffiliated organization has quantified ibjjf rankings.  This new organization has taken it a step further by providing rankings for the following ibjjf age divisions:

  • Adult
  • Master
  • Senior 1
  • Senior 2
  • Senior 3
  • Senior 4
  • Senior 5

They have also quantified ibjjf rankings for athletes in Gi:

  • White Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Purple Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • Black Belt

And, they have quantified ibjjf rankings for NoGi:

Check out their rankings here.  

As it turns out my bjj instructor is ranked number 1 for black belts in the WORLD for the masters division.

# (3mths ago) (1yr ago) Name Academy Points
1 (1) (3) Marcos Alejandro Pagliere – Torregrosa Yemaso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 663.5
2 (19) (130) Paulo José Pinto Alliance 442.5
3 (3) (14) Denilson de Carvalho Pimenta GF Team 348
4 (7) (13) Gustavo dos Santos Pires Gracie Barra 343.5
5 (2) (6) Rodrigo Leite de Medeiros Brasa 290


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    • Ruben says

      Thank you for the resource. I’ll make sure to add it to the post. It’s worth a note though, it seems to have several errors.

  1. Mike Calabrese says

    Please create a section for us that we can search instructors name to see if they are qualified there’s alot of people claiming to have credentials that do not

    • says

      Hey Mike, thanks for dropping a comment. How do you see this section working? What I mean is, if you were creating this section how would it work and what would it look like?

  2. Randall says

    I just competed my first ibjjf in pan ams. My first match was tied for points and I lost on advantage. I was out of the tournament and my competition went on to dominate and win our division. I feel the two best guys ( me and him) met in the first match not the finals….anyhow, he is ranked 12 th in our belt, and I am not ranked at all. No the system is not perfect…but the only thing i can do about it next time is win.

    • says

      Hey Randall, thanks for dropping a comment. I agree with you. You know what is interesting? The IBJJF is now starting to use rankings to create their seeds. So, when they have implemented this completely the rankings should help mitigate the chance of the best guys meeting each other in the first round. Of course, there will be exceptions (like in your case). But, if you keep competing it’ll work itself out.

      Congratulations on your first tournament!

  3. says

    Hey Ruben, in regards to Randall’s comment… It is a little intimidating to have your first IBJJF tournament be Pan Ams, but it sounds like he belonged on the mat in his division.

    I think that the IBJJF is limiting who can even register for the big tournaments, i.e. Worlds. I think you have to have placed in previous tournaments to even be able to register. Maybe it’s only for Black Belts and maybe it’s only for Worlds.

    • says

      Thanks for posting Randy. I agree! Competing for the first time in the biggest tournament in the world is no joke! Hopefully worlds will still be accessible to all lower belts.

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