Benson Henderson Grappling in ADCC vs Leo Nogueira

Benson Henderson Grappling

Benson Henderson is the only UFC champion to wear the UFC belt AND compete in grappling tournaments.

Benson Henderson Grapples with Leo Nogueira in Beijing, China for the 2013 Abu Dhabi Combat Club.

Benson Henderson is someone I deeply respect as an athlete and martial artist.  He is one person who, although originally a wrestler, has always repped Jiu-Jitsu strong.  Even when he was a UFC champion, he went out and competed in IBJJF events because he loved the challenge.  Most UFC fighters would consider grappling tournaments beneath them, or an unnecessary risk.

Not Bendo.

Benson Henderson has improved is grappling exponentially because he embraces the full spectrum of martial arts just like GSP does.  Although he lost his title to Anthony Pettis, I’m sure he’ll come back stronger.  He is a very resilient person.  I am also a fan of his comportment inside and outside of the cage.  Something I can’t say of all mma fighters.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

Check out Benson Henderson grappling against Leo Nogueira.

Such a competitive and BEAUTIFUL match.



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